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Cult Classic (2011)

On Tuesday, August 23, 2011, I released my highly anticipated solo debut, "Cult Classic" for advanced internet download exclusively through my Bandcamp.  (Later released to iTunes and other online distributors.)  The album, entirely self-produced, was a huge step in defining myself as a solo artist.  "Cult Classic" featured a limited selection of contributions from other artists.  Collaborators included Kuf Knotz, Beedie, Wi.Sh, and my tour DJ, B-Tips.  Producers, Ben Bromfield, Max Swan (of LP Stiles), and El Smooth appear on the project as additional instrumentalist enhancing the cohesive live feel of the project.

The album received critical acclaim from bloggers and press media.  However, the reception from my college Alma Mater newspaper struct a personal chord.  The PittNews (an outlet who had always supported my band, The BNVz) gave my album a C+ rating and called it an "Unlikely Cult Classic".  But, Screw Them!  What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and fans supported me through a 10-City Tour that Fall.  Ironically, in November 2011, I was voted "The Best Local Band" by readers of the PittNews.  Hmmm... Go Figure.


 "Winter In America" (Official Music Video)

produced by: Glass Canon Films

 "She's My Girl" (Official Music Video) 

produced by: Media Giraffes LLC

"Burnin Up" (Promo Music Video) 

produced by: TJ  Collanto & Nick Velonis


Winter In America (Instrumental)

I produced this beat in December 2012, while I was recovering from my Abdominal Hernia surgery at my parent's house in Jupiter, FL.  I couldn't do much but sit in a heavily cushioned chair and listen to music.  After going through my dad's record collection, I found a blast from my past: Gil Scott-Heron's "Winter In America".

Getting inspired by the messages, I started writing a poem that spawned the lyrics for my song.  And, the next album I came across became the foundation for the sample, Aretha Franklin's "Footsteps in the Dark".

It couldn't have been more God Sent and peaceful.  


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