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ABOUT  THE SONG NINJA is the lead single from my upcoming album which marks a fresh direction and progression in style featuring all live instrumentation by my band, ArtHouse95 including some of the East Coast's best musicians. The song is another edited and arranged jam from our ArtHouse95 sessions over the past few years where we hosted a group of musicians playing live jazz/ hip hop grooves. I took the recording and edited it into this arrangement and added vocals later.  One of my homegirls coined it... "It's like Biggie meets Snarky Puppy." Lyrically, I wrote the song because I began to have conversations with the respected elders in my community who explained their frustration with today's hip hop stems primarily from the abuse of 2 words in particular- Nigga and Bitch. The feeling is that those words have been normalized and misused by people outside of the black community and promote to undermine our self worth.  When I wrote the poem originally it was to empower young black people by giving them an alternative phrase to use when speaking positively about themselves. ABOUT THE VIDEO The visuals reflect this sentiment by showcasing the power of a black superhero as we enter the next phase of the AFRONAUT series.  The video is directed by Peter Ten and was shot at an abandoned naval base in Richmond, CA. 


Artist: MH the Verb  Title: Ninja (Extended Jam)  Video direction by: Peter Ten  Art Design by: Stephen Craford  Executive Produced by: MH the Verb  Co- Produced by: Dave Humes   Mixed & Mastered by: Johann Sebastian for The Juicebox

Instramental Contributions by: Trap Rabbit, Neil Simpkins, Evan Bogunia, GR Stone


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