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ABOUT THE SONG  I left my boring corporate job on the day I wrote this song. I had submitted my 2 week notice in the week before, wrote this poem and told my boss... I'm never coming back. That's a true story! I didn't know where I wanted to go, but I knew it was time to take ownership of my life and set my intentions. Two years later, I was on Instagram and heard a beat Buscrates posted in his stories. I immediately DMed him saying, "Yo... lets do THAT ONE!"  We recorded the song that weekend with Will Mandel (of Broken Horn Studios) adding a trumpet solo over the chorus. The track was so fresh, Johann Sebastian (mixing engineer) and I purposefully left in the glitch from the MPC. Can you hear it?   ABOUT THE VIDEO  The video was shot at LaMaison (a community art + living space) in East Oakland, where I did an artist residency in June 2019. Working with Emily Wohlford (lighting/set designer), C.DelTV (filmmaker) and a team of creatives from the Bay Area, we built 3 sets in one day and filmed a series of music videos for my multimedia project, AFRONAUT. For the single, Raw Smoothie, I focused on getting in close and designing a smooth shot flow to the bass line that would match the intimacy and minimal nature of the song. Overall, I'm proud that we created a stylish aesthetic with subtle, yet playful mood lighting and blue tones. Can't wait to show you the other visuals we created that day!  CREDITS  release date: 01/24/2020 

Artist: MH the Verb 

Title: Raw Smoothie 

Produced by: Buscrates 16-Bit Ensemble for Captain Coolout Music/ASCAP 

Mixed & Mastered by: Johann Sebastian for The Juicebox 

Single Art Design by: Stephen Sues 

Art Direction by: MH the Verb 


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