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"I recorded this shortly after our shows with Kid Cudi,"... MH giving me early 2010s Chance Vibes



During the pandemic, I decided to revisit some of my unfinished and unreleased music from the last decade. I got on zoom and hosted virtual bi-coastal sessions from the Bay Area with my homies (Philadelphia-based ArtHouse95 collective). We dove deep into our eclectic catalog of Hip Hop, jazz, electronic and funk fusion, reworking past compositions and crafting an out of this world 10 song playlist for Summer 2021.

The first release was a track I made in 2013. I originally recorded it at Dave Hume's South Philly studio, The Phood Court as a "joke" for a friend's birthday (hence the title character of "Mary"). It was a week night session with some friends, including Drusef, Kuf Knotz, DELV and someone else I can't remember.

At the time, I was reeling from a lot of personal issues and had reverted back into some bad habits. I was touring a lot, but took some time to spend in Philly and record some music. I winded up staying on Mary's couch for a week. It was a blessing in disguise. My friends (Mary, Crystal & Jesse) gave me a couch and so much life and joy that week. I know because all the music I made felt so positive and joyous... it was a whole different!

It was Mary's birthday and I had no money to buy her a gift. I wanted to do something special to say thank you for the hospitality - so I wrote the song. It was all I had... credit on studio time. I'll never forget that moment when I came back after the session and played her the rough mix... We were so HYPE!

I was never able to bring myself to release it. It was never finished in my mind. It became an family track that we could never place on any other projects because of it's unique sound & style.

Until now...


She lives in South Philly Playing Vinyls of Biggie Half hood and half hippie Half Joplin Half Missy Wine Glass get her tipsy A toy poodle who's shifty On her roof, from this view When we cool you know you cant miss me

ill just twist up a fattie After Mary found him a baggie Fresh wit that real grassy

Got my eyes feelin real glassy Friends make the best Family, Love With that real green classy bud Jess puttin dem bagel bites in the oven just so we can have some Grub Lottery Tickets on the Table If she win she gon' make it rain (she gonna make it rain) Drivin thru Philly, That's her city

So you better stay the out her lane

Welcome here to Mary's World She is the Birthday Girl Welcome to Mary's World She is the Birthday Girl

Oh three, Oh for

Oh three, Oh for

Oh three, Oh for

Standin at the Liquor Store

Go Shawty... It's your birthday!!!

We gon party like it's ya birthday!


Executive Producer: MH the Verb

Co-Executive Producer: Johann Sebastian

Producers: Arjun Dube & Logan Roth for Trap Rabbit

Mixed & Mastered by: Johann Sebastian

Art Direction: MH the Verb

Art Design: Miguel Cemiller

Animations: Tara Moves


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