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MH channels his 2020 Colombian connection for afro-latin inspired new single, "Moment In Salento"



They say "Dance like Nobody's Watching..."🕺🏾

In February 2020 (right before shit hit the fan!), I travel to #Colombia to tour with my friend @ryantennismusic as MC/DJ for his band. We made new #music, new friends & tons of great memories! We crushed the stage and had a great time at @sancochofest.

Looking back on that experience gave me light during the dark moments of 2020 and the isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic. I would frequently review old photos and remember all the joy I experienced. There's nothing like DJing a post-festival pool party for 200+ people at 4 in the morning. I'm grateful for the expanding community & that trip influenced a lot of my music, including the way I approached Jupiter Sci-Fi.

During my trip, I started working on some beats one night... We had just left Cali (the Salsa capital of the world) and arrived in Salento, where I had a beautiful hostel room overlooking the Mountain view of Valle de Cocora. I just kept hearing these afro-latin rhythms in my head. All the syncopated drum patterns. So, I did some rough drum programming on this old loop I had in my DAW from a 2016 session with GR Stone.

When I got back to the states, I sent my rough mix to Dave Humes, who added the bassline. I remember me singing him my melody ideas over the phone. Remember it was April 2020 by then and we were in the beginning of what was a really difficult summer emotionally. Then, I sent the track to Arjun Dube of Trap Rabbit, who reproduced the drums. He nailed it per usual. A perfect rhythm of layered acoustic and electronic kits.

I had plenty of time to sit and develop my lyrical content and build ideas vocally. I wanted to get Ryan Tennis to sing the hook, but it was too difficult to coordinate at the time. (Maybe a remix version in the future?) So I was left to my own devices and I recorded probably over 100 tracks of the chorus vocals in my home studio (aka my bedroom), trying to get the tone and harmonies just right.

Did I nail it?


If the diamond's cut

I line it up, Incredible

Eat an edible

While my rhymin cut

My timin such, Impeccable

A Spectacle

This aint a party... It's a festival

The most respectable

Tribe wit dashikis

Vibin to old CDs

Watchin the tides turn

Hot fire... but ya still dont burn

Six feet dirty... Unground like Worms

Just turned 30

but I still aint learn

How it all started a long time ago

Inny minny mini mo

Catch a tiger by his toe

Over all the blues, Now I'm Indigo

A moment in Salento

When I made this instrumental

Watchin clouds touch the mountains out my window

I made a friend tho

She switch the tempo

I like ya spaceship

It's essential

Its essential essential

You dance wit me baby...

I dont dance wit no one else I dont done wit no one else Like you babe


Executive Producer: MH the Verb

Co-Executive Producer: Johann Sebastian

Producers: Arjun Dube & Logan Roth for Trap Rabbit

Mixed & Mastered by: Johann Sebastian

Art Direction: MH the Verb

Art Design: Miguel Cemiller

Animations: Tara Moves


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