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Waffles & Whiskey (2012)

Drinking bourbon at a friend's apartment in NYC one afternoon, I stumbled on a music folder from Pittsburgh beatsmith, Cutty Franks.  The soulful beats coming out of the computer speakers demanded I give the upstart producer a call.  After a few correspondents, Cutty Franks blessed me with a couple of instrumentals which would become the frame work for the project.  The mixtape titled, "Waffles & Whiskey" was released September 18, 2012 and features additional production from myself, Chuck Mack (Pittsburgh), El Smooth (Philadelphia), and Oddisee (Washington DC). The project was recorded at Phood Court Studios in Philadelphia.


"Waffles & Whiskey" was exciting new territory for me.  After moving to Philly and the release of "Cult Classic", I spent most of the 2012 summer on Megabuses traveling to different cities for shows and embracing new fans.  However, while my music career was flourishing, my personal life was in turmoil. Dealing with financial debt, health issues, and a break up, clouded my ability to enjoy success... but the phoenix rose from the ashes and I was left with my first bit of real commercial success: my acclaimed single, "Blistered" (a Hip Hop mash-up of The Violent Femme's "Blisters in the Sun").


"Blistered" (Official Music Video) 

produced by: Glass Canon Films 

 "Barney Stinson" (Official Music Video) 

produced by: Ace Yilma

 Borbay Painting "The BlastOff" Soundtrack



Election Avenue (feat. B-Tips)

I've been no stranger to politics in my life.  So on the brink of the 2012 Presidental Election, I linked up with label mate DJ/Producer, B-Tips  for this track to inspire other young people to Rock The Vote.  As a former member of the League of Young Voters , I believe the most important job we have to create change is participating in the process. 

Be Smart. 


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